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HBK Speaks On Jericho Situation!

Beneaththemat May 26, 2012 No Comments
HBK Speaks On Jericho Situation!

Shawn Michaels tweeted the following:

“Wow, waking up to find twitter blaming me for an apparent suspension of @IAmJericho Seems to me I’d blame the horrific PC world we’ve allowed ourselves to be caught up in where you can’t “act” & have it called “acting.” BS!! I’ll stand behind @IAmJericho any day of the week & twice on Sunday…what’s the big “E” stand for in WWE anyway!! I honestly don’t see how many of you make it w/that much anger in your life…seems exhausting & a colossal waste of time!! See, that’s all I’ve got & I’m already tired!! Time to workout & hit my day. Y’all have a wonderful day!! :-)

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