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WWE Acquires Largest Known Video Collection!

Beneaththemat June 9, 2012 No Comments
WWE Acquires Largest Known Video Collection!

WWE has acquired the Watts video library consisting of Mid-South Wrestling, Mid-South’s Power Pro Wrestling TV and the original Universal Wrestling Federation. Unlike most libraries, there were a number of complete house shows from the 1980s that were filmed and maintained along with the TV footage, allowing WWE access to lots of rare footage that can repurpose for their properties.

The library, which was owned by Bill Watt’s ex-wife Ene as part of a divorce settlement, was the largest known video collection not owned by WWE. There had been numerous meetings and attempts to purchase the library by WWE but the two sides had been unable to come to terms until recently. With the Network planned to launch later this year, WWE wanted the additional material in their archives. WWE will officially take possession of the library this week.

One WWE source noted that there are already discussions internally to do a DVD documentary on the promotion as well as full fledged DVDs on Ted DiBiase, Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Duggan, all of whom were major stars for the territory.

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