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Matt Borne’s Reaction To Doink On RAW!

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Matt Borne’s Reaction To Doink On RAW!

RAW on Monday saw the surprise appearance of DDP. It had been almost a decade since he was inside a WWE ring and wrestling fans were excited to see one of their favorite Superstars grace the squared circle again.  Not only did we get Diamond Dallas Page, but we also got treated to Doink the Clown.  However, it’s important to note that it was Steve Lombardi’s version of the Doink character.

The original Doink gimmick was done by Matt Borne.  After Borne stopped the gimmick, it was taken over by numerous people including, but not limited to Ray Apollo and Steve Lombardi.  When Doink first entered WWF, he wasn’t the fun loving clown that you saw last night. He was an evil clown and in my opinion one of the best gimmicks in a very long time.@MattBorne  had some comments on his Twitter account regarding Doink appearing on television again.

Here are some of his Tweets about the situation:

Matt Borne ‏@MattBorne
If you thought for one second that the CLOWN that wrestled as Doink on Raw last night was me, then you got ribbed! Or is it robbed? Both?

Matt Borne ‏@MattBorne
Why pay me when you have a $100 a night enhancement guy who fits in the suit?

Matt Borne ‏@MattBorne
I don’t think that red headed kid could hang with my generation. Or this one. Not bitter or as mad as my fans. It was a smart move.

Matt Borne ‏@MattBorne
Trust me folks, I’m not bitter. Very happy with my legacy. I don’t need to put myself over or have the ego to do so.

Matt Borne ‏@MattBorne
I just listen to the fans. I’m humbled by all of the nice things you’ve all said today.


Borne not only let the fans know his feelings, but he also Re-Tweeted fans thoughts (BTM even got a RT): ‏@BTMWrestling
Doink on @wwe #RAW? Who cares unless it’s @MattBorne. The heel Doink was an awesome character ! Good to see @RealDDP though.
Retweeted by Matt BorneSteve Good ‏@steve_starlight

@MattBorne I knew it wasn’t, that person had no talent and was too short #IWantTheRealDoink
Retweeted by Matt Borne


If you’re unfamiliar w/ Matt Borne’s work as the original Doink the Clown, check out this clip:

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