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DDP Returns On RAW!

Beneaththemat July 3, 2012 No Comments
DDP Returns On RAW!

Diamond Dallas Page was the latest Superstar to return on Monday Night Raw to meet Heath Slater. DDP has kept himself in tremendous shape via his DDP Yoga program

This was the first time that Page has been in the ring in about a decade.

Here’s what DDP said about his surprise return on Twitter last night:

Diamond Dallas Page ‏‪@RealDDP
@RealDDP: What a RUSH 2Nite! Hangin with The Boys! 10 more SuperStars on @DDPYoga! Walking OUT LIVE! Getting that POP! Pretty Sweet #DDP

Here’s what fans and fellow wrestlers had to say: 

Heath Slater ‏‪@HeathSlaterOMRB
@RealDDP you come down and ruin my parade after I beat up the clown. But the joke is going to be on you next time we meet.

Shad Gaspard ‏‪@Shadbeast
Finally the only reason I’m watching RAW @RealDDP

Derek ‏‪@FutureScotDerek
I said this earlier, but I feel bad for the 9 year olds that think DDP stole the Diamond Cutter from Orton.

WWE comedy ‏‪@WWE_comedy
Vader .. Sycho Sid .. Doink the Clown .. DDP .. Thank you @WWE for reminding me that I’m getting old.

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